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                Recursos Secundarios
                    Bases de datos bibliográficos / generales / técnicos
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Bibliografía de fósiles vertebrados (1509-1993)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Bibliografía de sismología (1956-1995) (Canadian Dominion Observatory and International Seismological Centre)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Indice retrospectivo de publicaciones periódicas, libros y mapas de la Society of America
flechita.gif (836 bytes)GeoRef Preview Database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Base de datos paleomagnéticos IAGA (1920- )
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Atmospheric and ocean physics preprints (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemical physics preprints (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Instrumentation and detectors preprints (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Data analysis, statistics and probability preprints (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Mathematics preprints (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)World Ocean Circulation Experiment Bibliography
flechita.gif (836 bytes)PrePrint Network

flechita.gif (836 bytes)Base de datos petrológicos del fondo marino - (RIDGE)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geomagnetism real-time data (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Daily GPS derived total electron content (National Geodetic Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geomagnetic field synthesis program databases (National Geophysical Data Center)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Webmineral: atlas mineralogique (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, Francia)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Virtual atlas of opaque and ore minerals (Department of Geological Sciences, Birmingham University)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Atlas de tipos de estructuras en zeolitas (International Zeolite Association (IZA-SC), Suiza)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Athena mineralogy database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Mineralogy databases (D. Barthelmy)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The mineral gallery database (Amethyst Galleries, Inc)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The global volcanic & earthquake database (Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Volcano database (National Geophysical Data Center)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Finding Conference Proceedings
                    Diccionarios / Enciclopedias
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Glossary of hazards , features, phenomena, processes, events, topice and terminology (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Illustrated glossary of geological terms (Iowa State University)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Gravity/Magnetic Glossary - Integrated Geophysics Corp.
flechita.gif (836 bytes)GIS dictionary (Association for Geographic Information, U.K.)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glacier terminology (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glossary of water resource terms
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Water quality glossary (Water Quality Association)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glossary of coastal engineering terms (Coastal and Hydraulics flechita.gif (836 bytes)Laboratory (CHL), U.S. Army)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glossary of oceanography and the related geosciences (Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Tide and current glossary (Center for Operational    Oceanographic Products and Services, NOAA)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Volcano and related terminology (U.S. Geological Survey
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Volcanoes: photoglossary (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The Scientist
                    Enseñanza y Aprendizaje
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geological time machine (University of California, Berkeley)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Ask a geologist (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geology field trips (University of Southampton)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Atlas of igneous and methamorphic rocks, minerals and textures (University of North Carolina)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Natural aggregate: A first course (U.S. Geological Survey)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The rock cycle (University of British Columbia)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Plate tectonics and continental drift: global earth history (Northern Arizona University)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Paleogeographic atlas of the world (PALEOMAP Project)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Electron microprobe techniques (Department of Geology, Northern Arizona University)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Hydrothermal vent geochemistry, vents (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Introduction to geophysics (Department of Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines)
                    Libros en la Red / Texto Completo
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Academy Press Reading Room
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Earth Sciences
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   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Physical Sciences
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Research Issues
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Science & Ethics
flechita.gif (836 bytes)PrePrint Network

flechita.gif (836 bytes)
The on-line books page
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Hydraulic and ocean engineering
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Mining and metallurgyChemical Technology
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Physical Sciences
flechita.gif (836 bytes)European Patent Office
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
IBM Intellectual Property Network
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Japanese Patent Office
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Patent information on the Internet (EPO)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)STO's Index to the Manual of Classification
flechita.gif (836 bytes)STO's Internet Patent Search System
flechita.gif (836 bytes)USPTO Web Patent Databases
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)Full Text Database Help
   flechita.gif (836 bytes)Tiff Plug-In Viewer for Accessing USPTo Full Text Patents
flechita.gif (836 bytes)World Intellectual Property Organization PCT Database
                    Reportes Técnicos
flechita.gif (836 bytes)DOE Information Bridge
flechita.gif (836 bytes)DOE Reports Bibliographic Database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)NIST Technipubs
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Laboratories
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Technical Information Service
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Yahoo!: Science: Technical Reports

                    Software / Calculadoras
flechita.gif (836 bytes)RockWare
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Gemcom Mining Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geo & Soft
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Fluorescence wavelength pressure calculator (Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Gamma calculator (Radiation Geophysics Section, Mineral Resource Division, Geological Survey of Canada)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Geomag calculator (Geophysics Division, National Geophysical Data Center)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Resistivity soundings over layered structures (Department of Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)ANSI Online
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
ISO Online
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Yahoo!: Reference: Standards