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flechita.gif (836 bytes)Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Protein Data Bank
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Links to Biodatabases
flechita.gif (836 bytes)CarbBank
flechita.gif (836 bytes)CS ChemFinder
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The Chemical Database Service
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials (CCIIM)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The WWW Chemical Structures Database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)CCDC Home Page
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Envirofacts Warehouse Chemical References Index
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemicals in the Environment: OPPT Chemical Fact Sheets
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Material Safety Data Sheets
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Hazardous Chemical Database  
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Index of MSDS
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Electron Binding Energies
flechita.gif (836 bytes)High Precision Ionization Potential/Electron Affinities obtained with ZEKE Spectroscopy
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Dielectric Constant Reference Database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)York NMRWeb: NMR Solvent Info
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The FTNMR Free Induction Decay Archive
flechita.gif (836 bytes)David Sullivan FT-IR Library
flechita.gif (836 bytes)JICST Mass Spectral Database  
flechita.gif (836 bytes)SDBS: Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds  
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Atomic and molecular preprints - Los Alamos National Labs. (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemical physics preprints - Los Alamos National Labs. (LANL)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Finding Conference Proceedings
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
ChemWeb: Conferences
                    Diccionarios / Enciclopedias
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Atmospheric chemistry and air quality glossary
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry dictionary
flechita.gif (836 bytes)KILCOYNE'S Cghemistry glossary (requiere plugin Chemscape Chime)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glossary of nuclear terms - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Thermal glossary
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemical Acronyms
flechita.gif (836 bytes)IUPAC compendium of chemical terminology
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Beilstein Chemical Dictionary 
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Glossary of glassmaking terms
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The Scientist
                    Enseñanza y Aprendizaje
flechita.gif (836 bytes)The particle adventure
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Fusion: Physics of a fundamental energy source
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Standard model of fundamental particles and interactions
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Theory of atoms and molecules- McMaster University
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemical bonds, molecular shapes and molecular models (requiere plugin Chemscape Chime) - Eastern Oregon State College
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Empirical and semiempirical molecular orbital theory - Northern Territory University
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) (requiere plugin  Chemscape Chime) - University of Sheffield
flechita.gif (836 bytes)VSEPR practical course - University of Oxford's Chemistry Laboratories
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Computer chip chemistry interactive - University of California, Berkeley
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Turbulent flame propagation - Sandia National Laboratories
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Explore the fullerenes - State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Gas laws(requiere plugin Chime y shockwave) -Ohio State University
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Solar energy - light, heat and matter : an interactive course - University of California, Berkeley
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Stereochemistry : Chemistry and the third dimension ( requiere plugin Chemscape Chime) - Dublin City University
flechita.gif (836 bytes)CHEMSCAPE: equipment and procedures - University of Wisconsin
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Scientific glassblowing basics - East Carolina University
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Solid state chemistry laboratory - University of Wisconsin
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Virtual Chemistry - Virtual Laboratory - University of Oxford's Chemistry Laboratories
                    Libros en la Red / Texto Completo
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Academy Press Reading Room
      Environmental Issues
      Physical Sciences
      Research Issues
      Science & Ethics
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Numerical Recipes Books On-Line
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The on-line books page
      Chemical Technology
      Physical Sciences
      Technology and the environment
flechita.gif (836 bytes)European Patent Office
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
IBM Intellectual Property Network
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Japanese Patent Office
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Patent information on the Internet (EPO)
flechita.gif (836 bytes)STO's Index to the Manual of Classification
flechita.gif (836 bytes)STO's Internet Patent Search System
flechita.gif (836 bytes)USPTO Web Patent Databases
      Full Text Database Help
      Tiff Plug-In Viewer for Accessing USPTo Full Text Patents
flechita.gif (836 bytes)World Intellectual Property Organization PCT Database
                    Reportes Técnicos
flechita.gif (836 bytes)DOE Information Bridge
flechita.gif (836 bytes)DOE Reports Bibliographic Database
flechita.gif (836 bytes)NASA Technical Reports Server
flechita.gif (836 bytes)NIST Technipubs
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Laboratories
flechita.gif (836 bytes)National Technical Information Service
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Yahoo!: Science: Technical Reports

flechita.gif (836 bytes)MDL Download Center
flechita.gif (836 bytes)ACD Free Stuff
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry on the Internet: Chemistry Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)CTI Centre for Chemistry Software Catalogue
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Internet Browser Plugins and Applets for Chemists
flechita.gif (836 bytes)ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Software for Chemistry
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry Software on the Net
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry Software and Information Resources
flechita.gif (836 bytes)ChemDex: Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Chemistry Teaching Resources: Software for Chemistry
flechita.gif (836 bytes)Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide: Software
flechita.gif (836 bytes)ANSI Online
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
ISO Online
flechita.gif (836 bytes)
Yahoo!: Reference: Standards