Marcela Rodriguero (EGE)


“Children of the Dust” (fiction, or science-fiction?)

by Louise Lawrence.

After the world as we know it ends (because we destroy it), what will change? What will stay the same? Could we really survive after a nuclear holocaust? Can human beings evolve? What is speciation? What is evolution? Adapt or perish? Can we talk about cultural evolution? This short novel raises these questions and many more. A real geneticist will address some of them.

Thursday November 23, 11:00

At the Biblioteca Central, Pabellón II, 1st floor

This is one is a full scale English exercise, together with Depto de Idiomas

This time, the book will be read in English, questions will be asked and answered back in English too. Come and participate. No one will be a native English speaker, but an intermediate level would help.

From the back cover

“ Everyone thought, when the alarm bell rang, that it was just another fire practice. But the first bombs had fallen on Hamburg and Leningrad, the headmaster said, and a full-scale nuclear attack was imminent...
It's a real-life nightmare. Sarah and her family have to stay cooped up in the tightly-sealed kitchen for days on end, dreading the inevitable radioactive fall-out and the subsequent slow, torturous death, which seems almost preferable to surviving in a grey, dead world, choked by dust.
But then, from out of the dust and ruins and the desolation, comes new life, a new future, and a whole brave new world... ”

Book Cover


About Marcela Rodriguero

Soy investigadora Adjunta en el Grupo de Investigación en Filogenias y Filogeografía (GIFF) y docente del DEGE (ayudante de primera), y trabajo en evolución de la reproducción asexual usando como modelos de estudio a una tribu de gorgojos de origen sudamericano que se comportan como plaga, y a la bacteria que induce este modo reproductivo y que es la más abundante del planeta, Wolbachia pipientis.

Además soy adicta a la lectura desde los 6 años.

Lucía Godoy Fernández will be reading

Lucía Godoy Fernández es casi licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas.